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Retail Sweeping Services


Armstrong Sweeping, Inc. is Denver, Colorado’s premier service provider for roadway sweeping, municipal sweeping and other exterior commercial property and parking lot needs

Denver Retail Sweeping Services

From large shopping malls to one-off strip centers, establishing a budget for and sticking to regularly scheduled vacuum sweeping service to maintain parking areas delivers customer satisfaction. Survey after survey documents that consumers judge the quality of a shopping facility by the cleanliness of its exterior spaces including parking lots.

Vacuum and power broom sweeping of all hard lot surfaces is the key component of an ongoing parking lot maintenance program. This includes sweeping all parking areas, loading dock areas and access driveways. Portering services may include power blowing sidewalks, curbs and corner areas, hand picking trash from perimeter grounds, emptying outdoor trash receptacles and replacing trash can liners.

The longterm return on investment also effects your interior floors and other environment systems as every patron visiting your facilities will track in chemical and abbrasive debris that will cause noticeable damage to your floors and other equipment in an extremely short amount of time without proper power sweeping services.

Parking lots last as much as 40% longer and striping lasts as much as 60% longer with a quality sweeping program specifically designed to maintain the quality of your lots and striping.  Please inquire about how your can extend the life of your fresh paved and striped lots today.

Denver Retail Sweeping Services
Denver Retail Sweeping Services
Denver Retail Sweeping Services

Sweeping And The Environment

What Happens To All The Pollutants On The Roadway?

Armstrong Sweeping is aware of the potential hazzards road pollutants can cause to the environment. In the October 2008 issue of North American Sweeper magazine, Armstrong Sweeping’s co-Founder, Kerry Armstrong stated, “It’s finally being recognized how much of an environmental service sweepers provide by getting a log of potential pollutants off the roadways before they can be washed into the water sources.”

Armstrong Sweeping also provides emergency services for the Denver Water Board, insuring quick clean up from potentially dangerous water line repairs so toxic debris is kept away from the water supply.

Noise And Dust Pollution

Armstrong Sweeping continues to work with equipment manufacturers to minimize noise and dust caused during operation of their sweepers and scrubbers, both to protect the environment and the health of their employees.

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