Benefits of Armstrong Sweeping

  • Through removal of trash and toxins off of streets and roadways, the quality of life for workers, customers, and residents is improved.
  • Street and parking lot sweeping reduces runoff and improves water quality
  • Rental properties benefit by having clean parking lots and clean water systems reduces pests and allergens.
  • Maintaining streets to be free of hazardous materials or flammable items, such as tree trimmings, reduces fire risks for neighborhoods.
  • Veteran operators with 20+ years experience, trained and certified in professional power sweeping.
Colorado Trackout SWPP Mitigation and Services by Armstrong Sweeping

Retail Sweeping

Learn how our comprehensive service can benefit your business!


Municipal Sweeping

Learn how we can reduce water runoff, fires from debris and much more.

Track Out Construction Sweeping Denver Colorado

Construction Sweeping

Learn how our comprehensive service can benefit your business!


Residential Sweeping

Learn how our comprehensive service can benefit your neighborhood or Home Owners Association!


Industrial Sweeping

We have the experience and knowledge to manage access levels and expectations on an industrial scale!

Parking Lot Sweeping Denver Colorado

Parking Lot Sweeping

See just why we are the preferred parking lot sweeping company of the greater Denver, Colorado area.

Milling Sweeping Denver Colorado

Milling Sweeping

Milling and Pavement sweeping services for road construction have never been easier than contacting Armstrong Sweeping, Inc.

Specialty Sweeping

Military, Airports and Federal Government Facilities Clearance Level Certified Sweeping Services.

Street Sweeping Denver Colorado

Pre-Paving Sweeping

Pre-paving paving prior to tack coat. Top notch equipment to create the best surface for tack coating.

Our Personnel are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with services available on a daily, weekly, monthly, or as needed basis

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