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Armstrong Sweeping is Denver, Colorado’s premier service provider for roadway sweeping, municipal sweeping and other exterior commercial property and parking lot needs

Denver, Colorado Street Sweeping and Parking Lot Sweeping and Cleaning

When it comes time to hire a new street sweeping company for your municipality, who else can you trust but the experts? Armstrong Sweeping has been around since early 1973, cleaning up the streets and parking lots from the metro Denver, Colorado and surrounding areas. Our commitment to the environment extends farther than just by keeping it clean however. All of our tools and sweeping processes were handpicked to ensure that they would in no way pollute the environment or allow any debris to escape down a storm drain. That is why we are excited to be the only street sweeping company in the Denver Metro area that uses both High Dump Regenerative Air Sweepers and Mechanical Broom Sweepers, which allow us to become more efficient and environmentally friendly than ever before.

We own and maintain our own trucks, allowing us to service your municipality at the best time for you, and in the unlikely event that our machines suffer some kind of malfunction, our highly trained personnel will be able to fix it on spot or we will dispatch a back up unit immediately, ensuring as little delay as possible. By hiring us you can trust that we will have your streets clean in no time. We service any municipality in Denver, Colorado area.

We have worked with many different municipalities in order to provide them the following services at whatever they have indicated- whether monthly, bi-weekly, weekly, and in some instances, 24-7.

  • Street sweeping- as previously noted we employ the most recent in sweeping technology, in order to clean dirt, litter, grass, sand, and sticks from roads. We also offer year round street sweeping for many municipalities, in order to keep streets free of salt residue, gravel, sand, and other unwanted effects of winter. As well as heavy duty spring cleaning which specifically addresses the challenges of the municipality
  • Leaf removal and catch basin cleaning- we are regularly requested to perform this service for clients who have a higher risk of flooding in certain areas.

In addition to our street sweeping services, municipalities may want to consider hiring our company for services such as: porter services and removal of large quantities of illegally dumped bulk trash. For more information, or to set up your schedule for a beautiful municipality, talk to a representative today!

Denver, Colorado Street Sweeping and Parking Lot Sweeping and Cleaning
Street Sweeping Denver Colorado
Street Sweeping Denver Colorado
Denver, Colorado Street Sweeping and Parking Lot Sweeping and Cleaning

Sweeping And The Environment

What Happens To All The Pollutants On The Roadway?

Armstrong Sweeping is aware of the potential hazzards road pollutants can cause to the environment. In the October 2008 issue of North American Sweeper magazine, Armstrong Sweeping’s co-Founder, Kerry Armstrong stated, “It’s finally being recognized how much of an environmental service sweepers provide by getting a log of potential pollutants off the roadways before they can be washed into the water sources.”

Armstrong Sweeping also provides emergency services for the Denver Water Board, insuring quick clean up from potentially dangerous water line repairs so toxic debris is kept away from the water supply.

Noise And Dust Pollution

Armstrong Sweeping continues to work with equipment manufacturers to minimize noise and dust caused during operation of their sweepers and scrubbers, both to protect the environment and the health of their employees.

Our Personnel are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with services available on a daily, weekly, monthly, or as needed basis!

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