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Armstrong Sweeping is Denver, Colorado’s premier service provider for roadway sweeping, municipal sweeping and other exterior commercial property and parking lot needs

Colorado Trackout SWPP Mitigation and Services by Armstrong Sweeping

Erecting a new building is not the easiest task, but the task of cleaning up afterwards isn’t quite a walk in the park either. That’s why you need a company with the experience, equipment, and crew who can provide the best clean in the business! Armstrong Sweeping will be there for you through every phase of construction, in order to ensure that your area is clean, accessible by trucks, safe for your workers, and won’t violate any Clean Water Act regulations or fail Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) inspections.

Quality Sweeping Services

We use a range of equipment to ensure your construction site and the surrounding area remains pristine:

  • Heavy-duty mechanical broom and regenerative air sweepers pick up gravel, mud, dirt and debris
  • High dump sweepers ideal for dumping in dump trucks and roll-off containers
  • Water sprayers help suppress dust during sweeping
  • Vehicles equipped with bumper magnets pick up nails, screws and sharp metal objects
  • Heavy-duty sweepers ideal for milling operations

A Well Maintained Fleet

We own and maintain our own fleet of equipment and various types of trucks- such as pick-up trucks, dump trucks, small garage sweepers, and truck mounted street sweepers- meaning that no matter the size of your project or the amount of dirt that has built up around it, we’ll be able to tackle it just as efficiently as we do with every other service we provide. You would be surprised by some of the benefits that come with hiring a professional sweeping company, that you may have not considered starting out:

  • The most obvious benefit is that, when you hire Armstrong Sweeping, you can trust that all dust, debris, and trash are gotten rid of.
  • When anyone comes into the newly erected building they will be struck immediately by the hard work of your carefully put together team, instead of how ramshackle the construction dirt and debris makes it look.
  • It makes for an all around safer environment for both workers and the environment. This is because it removes the chance of potentially dangerous contaminates getting into the storm water runoff and polluting it.
  • Construction Sweeping is considered a “Best Management Practice” by the EPA for construction projects. Armstrong Sweeping makes sure that your project is following all regulations for run-off, track out, and other important standards set by the EPA.
  • We monitor and make sure that our trucks and your project do not have any “track out” – Simply put, track-out is the mud, soil, or other organic debris that gets carried out of a construction site, farm, or any other industrial area where the soil has been disturbed. As numerous vehicles, such as tractors, trucks, and trailers travel in and out of these areas each day, they track-out debris which then gets deposited outside of the work zones as it flings off of tire treads and mechanical components.
  • We make sure that all of Armstrong Sweeping’s projects adhere to EPA standards against track out.
Colorado Trackout SWPP Mitigation and Services by Armstrong Sweeping
Colorado Trackout SWPP Mitigation and Services by Armstrong Sweeping
Construction Street Sweeping Denver Colorado
Colorado Trackout SWPP Mitigation and Services by Armstrong Sweeping

Sweeping And The Environment

What Happens To All The Pollutants On The Roadway?

Armstrong Sweeping is aware of the potential hazzards road pollutants can cause to the environment. In the October 2008 issue of North American Sweeper magazine, Armstrong Sweeping’s co-Founder, Kerry Armstrong stated, “It’s finally being recognized how much of an environmental service sweepers provide by getting a log of potential pollutants off the roadways before they can be washed into the water sources.”

Armstrong Sweeping also provides emergency services for the Denver Water Board, insuring quick clean up from potentially dangerous water line repairs so toxic debris is kept away from the water supply.

Noise And Dust Pollution

Armstrong Sweeping continues to work with equipment manufacturers to minimize noise and dust caused during operation of their sweepers and scrubbers, both to protect the environment and the health of their employees.

Our Personnel are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with services available on a daily, weekly, monthly, or as needed basis!

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