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Military, Airport, Federal Government Sweeping

Armstrong Sweeping is Denver, Colorado’s only choice for the highest qualified sweeping service provider for Military, Airport and Federal Government Sweeping.

SAM (System for Award Management) Qualification & Clearance for government and non-profit authorized work.

AVETTA Membership for global supply chain services for for large footprint facilities such as Martin Marietta, Amazon, LafargeHolcim, Aggregate Industries, etc.

Armstrong Sweeping, Inc’s Sweeping Services conform to the National ISO standards as developed by NAPSA (North American Power Sweeping Association).  We also maintain CSM and additional certifications at all levels of the Power Sweeping School of NAPSA.

Armstrong Sweeping, Inc. has years of experience and extensive expertise in providing cleaning services for military facilities, federal government properties, airport runways, aprons, taxiways, parking lots, fueling areas and baggage processing zones in the Denver, Colorado area. Our highly trained sweeping operators are experienced in providing thorough and efficient service. 

Our Airport Services are quick and reliable. Armstrong Sweeping opened DIA (Denver International Airport) and has over three decades of airport sweeping experience. We know that unkempt runways can create safety concerns for pilots, staff, and passengers, which is why we complete each cleaning as quickly as possible so you can continue normal operation. Most of our employees have a current Transportation Worker’s Identification Card (TWIC) issued by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). Obtaining this clearance requires that the employee meets certain criteria including maintaining a clean criminal record and having no known connections to terrorist activities.

Military Sweeping Services. Due to the sensitive nature of military facilities, we are familiar with common security measures and procedures as well as maintaining certifications and clearences that allow us to provide services to military facilities. We also take precautions to make sure our employees do not jeopardize security. 

We have the best, modern sweeping machines to get the job done correctly. Armstrong Sweeping, Inc. has state-of-the-art vacuum sweeping vehicles that are capable of quickly removing a variety of foreign objects and general debris. The vehicles in our fleet can sweep large, flat surfaces at high speeds and are able to pick up common runway trash, including rubber, gravel, sand, metal objects and pieces of vegetation. To maintain visibility and reduce dust issues, we spray water, were needed, to control dust.

Our Personnel are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with services available on a daily, weekly, monthly, or as needed basis!

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