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Shopping Centers and Night Sweeping
Armstrong Sweeping provides Night Sweeping so your customers and tenants aren't bothered during the day.
underground sweeping services in and around Denver
Lets face it. During the day your shopping center or large complex parking lot is full with customers shopping, eating, or obtaining some other service that you are providing to them. Needless to say, if you are open, then the parking lot is full of cars, and if the parking lot is full then there is no way to clean under those cars. So that brings up night sweeping. This is the most efficient way to get your whole parking lot cleaned of sand, dirt, rocks and litter.

We schedule our night sweeping and cleaning services to work around your hours of business.

We have regenerative air vacuum trucks sweep up all fine dust, dirt, litter and small rocks and sand. Our sweeper operators will get out and back pack blow out all the corners of your underground parking lots and curbs to insure that every thing gets swept up. Then they sweep the rest of the parking lot.

Armstrong Sweeping has also provided small municipal and international airport sweeping services for years.

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