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Scrubbing Services
Do you have an underground or even above ground parking garage?

Armstrong Sweeping Scrubbing ServicesSince many parking complexes are enclosed they can get awfully dirty. Sand brought in from the cars on the streets, wind blowing dirt in on a windy day. Not to mention the cars that leak oil all over the place.

You are faced with a dilemma; "How do I get this clean?" Reality is that you aren't going to get down on your hands and knees and scrub it with a brush and a bucket of water.

We have a custom sweeper scrubber machine made to get the job done. We use a biodegradable soap solution to help ease away glycol, oils and fine dust.

The machine is ideal to use before sealing the concrete before striping, or on a monthly cleaning plan to help maintain that good appearance you have.

Armstrong Sweeping's scrubbing machine runs on natural gas so there is no fear of enclosed populates. When it scrubs it collects the water and soap that it has disbursed out on to the surface.