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Construction Site Clean -up
Cities throughout Colorado have different ordinances to keep the road ways clear of sand, dirt, rocks and other debris.

It comes in handy to have a company on a minutes notice to keep you out of trouble and away from expensive fines.

By calling Armstrong Sweeping, Inc. we can usually come out the same day and clean up the mess with one of our broom sweepers. We have sweepers to accommodate just about any kind of construction project:
  • asphalt on milling projects for highways and city streets
  • cleaning the parking lot for paving and striping,
  • a final sweeping before the grand opening of a newly-built store
  • or even the destruction of an obsolete building.

Each of our broom sweepers have a water spray system to help keep dust suppressed while sweeping.

Our power sweepers are perfect for construction/home builder sites.

We can clean up the streets from gutter to gutter. Our Power Sweeper is also used to clean many of Colorado's highways.