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Apartment and Condo Complex Clean-up
Keeping a large or small complex clean sometimes is very hard after the winter's sanding.

We are experts at cleaning up residual sand. Our drivers will get out with a backpack blower and blow all the corners out so that they are nice and clean. Then they will run through with one of our big broom sweepers and sweep it all up. All sand is removed to a landfill, leaving your premises completely clean.

Power Washing

When you have dried mud, dirt and debris stuck on your pavement we have a power wash truck that can come in and clean that all up for you. We also wash side walks, so that they look just as nice as the rest of your complex. All sweepings are removed and shipped off to the landfill, leaving nothing behind for you to worry about. You will be all set and ready to go for the spring.

Complex Debris Clean-up and area policing

Armstrong Sweeping provides ongoing policing and clean-up services for many of our apartment and condo complex customers. Contact us so we can set up a maintenance plan for your complex.